Poetry for the Birthday Girl

I'd like to thank Cecile for suggesting this stupendous idea! Thanks Cecile!!! Fire up your right brains and get your creative juices going! I'm challenging all those who love and adore Suzanne to come up with a poem dedicated to her awesomeness. Here are a few rules:

1. The poem has to rhyme, even if it's stupid. This is non-negotiable!!!
2. It has to be at least four lines long.
3. You have to use the following words somewhere in your poem: rose, Blottie, vegetarian, and BMW.
4. Send your poem to me.random.chick@gmail.com.
5. You must submit your poems NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, 8/7/08! So get crackin'!

I'm going to scour the Web to find an awesome widget thing-y that will highlight all the poems and post them on Friday!!

Let the wizardry of words begin!!! Woot!


just bob said...

You stole my idea, WTF
You better run, hide and duck.
What the hell am I gonna do
rhymes are my thing, other ideas few

Now I need another plan
I'll do the best I can
To think up another post
To tell Suzanne we like her most.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit! Did I steal your thunder, Bob? I'm sorry!!! But you can definitely conjure up one of the awesome rhymes...I was hoping you'd participate.

Sorry, it's all Cecile's fault!!!

just bob said...

I still luv ya!!! Check out my blog from yesterday.

Suzanne said...

I can read this you know? RC, did you post an email?! I'm laughing so damn hard I can barely stand up. And who the hell stole my photo without written permission? Jeezzzzzzz. My copyright is clearly stated to the right. I swear to God I'm going to have to get my lazy ass off this chair and come over there. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, screw it. With gas what it is, it doesn't really matter that much! I look okay for a 49 year old posing as a 40 year old. Wow...alot's changed in 9 years. Perhaps I should change the photo to reflect reality. But I love that photo with Rob's mom.

Hey Bob, I read it. Thanks beause I also love it. Now get crackin'. Whatdayahaveleft...a bit more than 24 hours? Don't brain freeze on me honey!
I have the best friends,
They impress all.
Way, way, way to the bitters ends,
They will never let me fall.

And in the event I faulter,
I know they will always stay,
Because they insist I wear a haulter,
At the Wild Onion Cafe.

With much love,

P.S. Yup, I did it!

Suzanne said...

One typo. Can you find it?

Anonymous said...


I found it!!! hee hee

just bob said...

And "haulter" is spelled halter.

Just saying... just bob

Suzanne said...

Oh, there are so many others. Did you find them? It's like a game! I was in a hurry and not thinking. Just typing. Why doesn't the comment page have spell check?

Well, did anyone notice my poem? Hey!

krystyna said...

What a pity
I'm not poet, but
I'll be try for Suzanne.

Kookaburra said...

Moses supposes that
Roses are roses,
but Moses don't know roses,
'Cause Suzanne knows roses
that roses are best!

Kookaburra said...

Blottie driving her BMW,

Is a vegetarian who won't trouble you,

and also likes roses,

that are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Kookaburra!

We loves poetry here!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, here's a martini for your poem.

Cecile said...

I'm giving fare warning, my poem is quite bad. But it might make some laugh, and nobody sad. It's about as lame as lame can get. It is probably my worst one yet. But don't you fret, no don't you worry.
I sort of wrote it in quite a hurry. So my rhyming talent hasn't quite disappeared. I think I just needed to drink a little more beer. Yes, more beer is what I needed or bracardi or rum. But I gave my last dollar to some homeless bum. So dont' be to hard on me when you read mine tommorrow, or I'll sit here all weekend wollowing in sorrow.