Today the boys and I visited our land and fed the catfish in the pond.
I was pleasantly surprised to pull up and see all of these beautiful flowers in bloom.

I'm not sure what the name of these flowers is, but they were everywhere. They grew on a vine system, much like morning glory. And they are so delicate and lacy. Seeing them actually took me back to a childhood memory of mine. When I was a wee lass we lived in the country. The closest house to us was about half a mile down a gravel road. I used to say that were we lived wasn't the end of the world, but you could see it from there. The pavement ended at our driveway, and then you drove about a half mile down our gravel driveway to our house. At the end of our driveway lived a very old woman. Her house was little more than a one room shack, but it was stuffed full of canned vegetables, nick knacks, antique furniture and costume jewelry. The lady's name was Marie Woods, and she was one of the neatest ladies I knew. She had awesome stories about WWII and living through the depression. She used to be a Carney and traveled the country many times over. I could just picture her in a tent all garbed out as a fortune teller with her gaudy costume jewelry and a crystal ball. But the thing that I found most fascinating about Marie's house was her garden. She always had a huge garden, and it was here where I discovered my love for vine ripe tomatoes. On the edge of Marie's garden was a beautiful fig tree, but the fig tree was also over grown with the vines of the flowers pictured above. In late summer the leaves of the fig tree would be green and those beautiful, fragrant purple lacy umbrella flowers would just cover the tree in blooms. We moved away from there when I was 16 and I have never seen those flowers again, until today. So I picked a few and brought them home with me to reminisce about the past and to indulge in their beauty and fragrance.


Suzanne said...

Apparently we don't recieve a lot of visitors now that I'm 49. Hummmmmmm. Don't worry, things will amp up around the holidays. I'll throw a party. Oh, that's right, I don't have access to this blog, but you do. Okay, you throw a holiday party!

I love that flower. Have you found out yet? Let me know when you do. And thanks for stopping by sweetie. Let's serve ourselves because, well, we have to. I'm buying.


Queen Goob said...

That, my love, is a Passion Flower.

I still lurk every now and then but have been outta the loop for over a week. Ain't Florida weather grand?

Meet you guys at the Wild Onion later?