Two weeks and counting

It's two weeks until Blottie's birthday. This will be the third Blottie-day we celebrate online with Suzy-Q. She's broken a leg, survived running a red light, missed out on the Home Depot Guy, and basically been the wild and crazy cat lady that well all expect her to be.

So the countdown begins once again.. two short weeks until the big day kiddo.


Leah said...
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Suzanne said...

I will wear my pink hat! Perhaps that's all!!! I'm feelin' free and likin' it!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS/GALS!!! I'm really excited about the big 51!!! ;)

I love you Bob. Thanks. XO

Okay, this is actually funny...wf is "unnerwrab." Do you think Blogger is trying to tell me to wear undergarments? Hummmmmm.

Mike129 said...

No undergarments! They just get in the way.


Suzanne said...

Mike...you know what to do with them!!! ;) Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!