Time For Presents

Everyone got Suzanne a present right???
Don't worry, we can tell her these are from all of us.

When Suzanne had to give up the BMW, her new Mercedes Benz was missing the hood ornament.
So the first gift is a replacement hood ornament... all blingy like.The next gift is more practical than pretty. It's a self-cleaning litter box.
This will save her countless hours of tending after feline fecal fiascoes.
Now she'll have more time to blog.

Drum roll please.......... tada!
The bestest of gifts is a brand spanking new pretty pink tricycle.
Take note of the pink-wall tires, headlight, handlebar tassels,
and racing stripes on the bottom. Ain't it a beauty?
Nothing is too good for our Blottie on her birthday!


Suzanne said...

I feel lucky!

Got a new hood ornament weeks ago, but don't worry and extra will do.

If only scooping up poop and pee was that easy.

My pink tryke. Perfection. I'll keep it.

Love ya honey. XO

just bob said...

Maybe you can weld the ornament to the tryke???

Happy Blottieday :)

kylie said...


bob, the trike is fantastic. fantastic post!

Suzanne said...

Yup, I can weld too. Who knew. Learned at UCLA!

Suzanne said...

Kylie, thanks sweetie. It's been a wonderful day and I'm happy. Wouldn't trade this birthday for the world. Just got off the phone with my dad and can't stop laughing. The man's a hoot! Honestly, I just feel very lucky today. I have the most wonderful friends and family. I'm grateful beyond belief. And honey, I love you. Thank you for all your love and support over the months. I also love that I was your first comment (no, didn't miss that!). I forgot you know, but now will always remember. Here we are. Almost a year later. Hummmmmmmmm. What a wonderful world.


Robyn said...

Ok! I was just called a JACKASS by the birthday girl...so I had to march over here right away!
Now...Suze! That's not how we treat party guests is it...?
I left you a sweet note on yesterday's comment section as I would be working into the wee hours doll!
Oh well...I tried!*silly grin*
I hope you had a wonderful time and had a blast with Rob somewhere romantical! And without OH No getting in the business!
Looks like the party was a smash! Can't wait for mine again! This time around it will be exciting...! Hey I didn't see if you had any balloons! Loved the cake!
Love you to bits dear soul! Hugs and kisses dear friend! love from your 'jackass' of a friend...bawwahhhhlmao!

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
I had a real busy day yesterday.. but the first thing in the morning I wish my dear friend a very happy birthday... sorry I am bit late in here.. ):
hope you had a great day in real life too..
have a great weekend..
love to you all.

Bob... great post..

Cecile said...

OK, can we get over this Suzanne celebration and move on to mine and Leah's? I mean is she really that fabulous? LOL Just teasing you Suze. I'm glad we were all able to make this a special birthday. Have a great weekend.

Oh and Bob, Suze says I can't flirt with you anymore, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.
*Gives Bob a sly wink.*
Have a great weekend all.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Bindi!

And Cece, apparently I am that fabulous!!! Bug off and let me at least have one week of glory, then you and Leah can have yours. And I saw that. Bob! I SAW THAT!!! *Fumbles through purse for cell phone to call Mr. Cece.*

Queen Goob said...


Okay, so I'm three days late and about $500.00 short but the kids and I had a great vacation.

Hope your birthday was everything you dreamed of.

Of course with a tricycle like THAT what birthday wouldn't be fabulous.

Bob - that was one heck of a shopping spree but some AWESOME gifts!