Today the boys and I visited our land and fed the catfish in the pond.
I was pleasantly surprised to pull up and see all of these beautiful flowers in bloom.

I'm not sure what the name of these flowers is, but they were everywhere. They grew on a vine system, much like morning glory. And they are so delicate and lacy. Seeing them actually took me back to a childhood memory of mine. When I was a wee lass we lived in the country. The closest house to us was about half a mile down a gravel road. I used to say that were we lived wasn't the end of the world, but you could see it from there. The pavement ended at our driveway, and then you drove about a half mile down our gravel driveway to our house. At the end of our driveway lived a very old woman. Her house was little more than a one room shack, but it was stuffed full of canned vegetables, nick knacks, antique furniture and costume jewelry. The lady's name was Marie Woods, and she was one of the neatest ladies I knew. She had awesome stories about WWII and living through the depression. She used to be a Carney and traveled the country many times over. I could just picture her in a tent all garbed out as a fortune teller with her gaudy costume jewelry and a crystal ball. But the thing that I found most fascinating about Marie's house was her garden. She always had a huge garden, and it was here where I discovered my love for vine ripe tomatoes. On the edge of Marie's garden was a beautiful fig tree, but the fig tree was also over grown with the vines of the flowers pictured above. In late summer the leaves of the fig tree would be green and those beautiful, fragrant purple lacy umbrella flowers would just cover the tree in blooms. We moved away from there when I was 16 and I have never seen those flowers again, until today. So I picked a few and brought them home with me to reminisce about the past and to indulge in their beauty and fragrance.


The Virtual Party Is Over...

but we'll keep this page up for those who want to experience the joy of knowing Suzanne, the sweetest blogger in blogdom!



Time For Presents

Everyone got Suzanne a present right???
Don't worry, we can tell her these are from all of us.

When Suzanne had to give up the BMW, her new Mercedes Benz was missing the hood ornament.
So the first gift is a replacement hood ornament... all blingy like.The next gift is more practical than pretty. It's a self-cleaning litter box.
This will save her countless hours of tending after feline fecal fiascoes.
Now she'll have more time to blog.

Drum roll please.......... tada!
The bestest of gifts is a brand spanking new pretty pink tricycle.
Take note of the pink-wall tires, headlight, handlebar tassels,
and racing stripes on the bottom. Ain't it a beauty?
Nothing is too good for our Blottie on her birthday!

Make a Wish!

So are ya gonna make a wish and blow out the candles, Suzanne? We want some cake!!!


Wonderfully Witty Words

For you Suzanne...

The protector of all
creatures big and small
That sure is our Suze
while her BMW is on cruise.

A vegetarian we all adore
Never has to buy Roses from a store
At any age she is a Hottie,
Happy Birthday to our # 1 BLOTTIE!!!

Love you,
Gig, your "favorite princess"

I am sitting here at work,
Trying to pass some time.
I am thinking of some words,
And trying to make them rhyme.

The wound cultures came a plenty,
But the urine, it was light.
My poem I wrote for Blottie,
May give us all a fright.

I am sitting here giving service,
To armed service men and women,
While visions of sweet roses
In my head be a swimmin’

Yes, this poem may be far fetched,
Like it’s not from this planetarium.
But what do you expect,
Since Suzanne is a vegetarian.

I’m sorry I’m not as language savvy
As our good friend George Dubya,
But you can’t blame me
For not driving a BMW.

Instead I drive a Nissan.
Yes, Japan is where it was made.
But it doesn’t change the fact,
That today is Suzanne’s Birthday.

So let’s all have a great big party.
Let’s get this show on the road,
And lie to me and tell me it’s good,
Even though this poem just blows.


Ode to a Beautiful Blogger Buddy
She’s not like every blogger you meet,
I probably wouldn’t notice her on the street.

But I did notice her one-of-a-kind style,
At her comments I always did smile.

She don’t look like no septuagenarian,
She ain’t even close cuz’ she’s a vegetarian.

She takes the cake for being a hottie,
No wonder Just Bob made her a Blottie.

She is compassionate, naughty, and sweet,
Her garden rocks and her house looks very neat.

Her roses look like they came out of Sunset Magazine,
I just want to sit in her garden, and dream…

She’s artistic but can’t drive all that well,
Her BMW got smashed from what I could tell.

But I’d let Suzanne drive me around,
I’d wear a helmet in case we hit the ground.

Today is her birthday so don’t start to cry,
Get Suzanne a drink, her glass is dry.

Let’s all sing Happy Birthday and par-tay,
Make her day special in our own insane way!!!

Random Chick

P.S. For those of you who'd like to contribute your perfectly pathetic poetry, send me an email and I'll add it here: me.random.chick@gmail.com.

My dear Blottie

I'm not really sure
how she was found
On the world wide web
I went round and round

But then one day
while reading a blog
She made quite a comment
and I followed along

She seemed quite sincere
and a little bit wacky
Laughing and crying
but never too tacky

She wrote of a wreck
that wasn't her doing
But her Beemer was totaled
Her thoughts weren't of suing

Instead she made friends
with a stranger who helped her
That's the kind of person
I trusted to be closer

So I followed her blog
but not like a stalker
This woman's a peach
and wow what a talker.

As my group of readers
continued to increase
Her comments were right
They brought joy and brought peace

I needed to thank her
without being too forward
In a moment of genius
I created the Blottie Award

She glowed like a star
about her new prize
Her pride was evident
and true I surmise

Her doctor instructed
to improve her ill health
she should stop the blogging
but she did it in stealth.

It brought her the joy
she so desperately needed
It eased her stress
Doc's advice went unheeded

She felt among friends
the bloggers they cared
laughter and smiles
they openly shared.

But what she didn't know
about this small team
was the joy that she brings us
her friendship is a dream.

So today we celebrate
this special gal
on the day she arrived
to the glee of her pals.

We scream and we holler
we sing and we dance
we cheer and we laugh
we drink and we prance.

It's all in honor
of dear sweet Suzanne
or Blottie to some
a fantastic woman.

We gather together
at the Wild Onion Cafe
for a not surprise party
to wish you Happy Birthday.

OK, enough with the rhymes. Thank you so much for coming into my life. You are a dear sweet person who lifts me up when I'm down, smiles with me in good times, and brings me great joy with all of your comments, your blogs, and that crazy pink tricycle you're always twirling around on. There's a reason you received the Blottie. You're a special, special person and all of us who know you, even if only over the internet, care about you a great deal and love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself with us on a daily basis. We can never repay you for what you give to us. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Blottie :)

Commence with the Merry-Making!

Please, have a drink!

Eat something.

Mingle with the distinguished guests.

We are here to celebrate...




Eat some cake!

But for heaven's sake, don't spill your drinks! Suzanne, will have a cow!!!



A Funny Story...

So, how did this all happen?

It all started in a virtual world that we all know and love as The Wild Onion Cafe. Suzanne made some comment to Just Bob about not wanting people to find out about her birthday. Reading the comments, Random Chick made an assumption...and you all know what they say about ASS-U-ME, right? Well, after making a long jump to conclusions, Random Chick created a post about Suzanne's birthday, although it wasn't actually on THAT day in June. Her birthday was three months away, but little did anyone know that Suzanne was secretly dreading this birthday.

Who doesn't dread birthday's after one turns...say 25?

Being the insane bloggers that we are, we all decided to wish Suzanne "Happy Birthday" at every opportunity, every post, every comment. Thus, turning this stupendous event into a three month-long celebration!!!

So on the eve of this event I ask you to raise your wine glasses, beer bottles (or cans), cocktails, and cups of gasoline to Suzanne!!

The REAL par-tay shall commence in a mere few hours...


Poetry for the Birthday Girl

I'd like to thank Cecile for suggesting this stupendous idea! Thanks Cecile!!! Fire up your right brains and get your creative juices going! I'm challenging all those who love and adore Suzanne to come up with a poem dedicated to her awesomeness. Here are a few rules:

1. The poem has to rhyme, even if it's stupid. This is non-negotiable!!!
2. It has to be at least four lines long.
3. You have to use the following words somewhere in your poem: rose, Blottie, vegetarian, and BMW.
4. Send your poem to me.random.chick@gmail.com.
5. You must submit your poems NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, 8/7/08! So get crackin'!

I'm going to scour the Web to find an awesome widget thing-y that will highlight all the poems and post them on Friday!!

Let the wizardry of words begin!!! Woot!


Lining up the entertainment

Having volunteered for the entertainment committee, I've been getting ready for Friday's big blowout celebration of Blottie's Birthday...

Every Party Needs Music

Serenading melodies from the piano for dancing

Some guitar for the rock 'n roll crowd

A drummer to complete the power trio

Every Party Needs Decorations

Balloons are a must

What would a party be without silly party hats?

Of course, there will be plenty of roses for Suzanne

Every Party Needs Games

There will be video games for the kids

We can finish up some jigsaw puzzles

There will be board games too

We'll open up the pool table
over at the Wild Onion Cafe

And bring in the old-school
pinball table from the storage room

So... it looks like it will be a rip-roaring party. I'll let the food committee and drink committee handle their assigned duties. A good time will be had by all!!!


Ode to Suzanne

Seriously committed to humanity and fair treatment to animals.

Unforgiving of cruelty and hurtfulness.

Zealous about life and living it to the fullest.

Admired by those who know and love her. And especially those who read her blog.
Negligent to her self, but always giving to others in need.

Neurotic in every way.

Engulfed in beauty, and love, and admiration by many.

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend.

May this year bring you many happy days, fewer sad days, and joy beyond imagine.

You are loved and cherished by many, so believe in yourself and be happy.

May the winds of fortune blow your way, and the whispers of love bless your ears this day.