My dear Blottie

I'm not really sure
how she was found
On the world wide web
I went round and round

But then one day
while reading a blog
She made quite a comment
and I followed along

She seemed quite sincere
and a little bit wacky
Laughing and crying
but never too tacky

She wrote of a wreck
that wasn't her doing
But her Beemer was totaled
Her thoughts weren't of suing

Instead she made friends
with a stranger who helped her
That's the kind of person
I trusted to be closer

So I followed her blog
but not like a stalker
This woman's a peach
and wow what a talker.

As my group of readers
continued to increase
Her comments were right
They brought joy and brought peace

I needed to thank her
without being too forward
In a moment of genius
I created the Blottie Award

She glowed like a star
about her new prize
Her pride was evident
and true I surmise

Her doctor instructed
to improve her ill health
she should stop the blogging
but she did it in stealth.

It brought her the joy
she so desperately needed
It eased her stress
Doc's advice went unheeded

She felt among friends
the bloggers they cared
laughter and smiles
they openly shared.

But what she didn't know
about this small team
was the joy that she brings us
her friendship is a dream.

So today we celebrate
this special gal
on the day she arrived
to the glee of her pals.

We scream and we holler
we sing and we dance
we cheer and we laugh
we drink and we prance.

It's all in honor
of dear sweet Suzanne
or Blottie to some
a fantastic woman.

We gather together
at the Wild Onion Cafe
for a not surprise party
to wish you Happy Birthday.

OK, enough with the rhymes. Thank you so much for coming into my life. You are a dear sweet person who lifts me up when I'm down, smiles with me in good times, and brings me great joy with all of your comments, your blogs, and that crazy pink tricycle you're always twirling around on. There's a reason you received the Blottie. You're a special, special person and all of us who know you, even if only over the internet, care about you a great deal and love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself with us on a daily basis. We can never repay you for what you give to us. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Blottie :)


krystyna said...

and Bravo Bob!

The Blogland was be NOT the same without YOU, Suzanne!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Suzanne said...

I have the biggest lump in my throat. You know that. I'm humbled. Honestly. This was a hard birthday for so many reasons, and yet you make it beautiful. Every word matters. I think I've read it 3 times or more. And each time it just gets better and finds a deeper place in my heart. I will always come back to this day for hope and strength. How we all found one another, I don't know, but we did and with tears in my eyes, know that you've all helped me navigate this past year and hopefully years to come. I love you my dear, dear friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much.


Suzanne said...


Thank you sweetie. I love you so very much.


MARIA said...

Happy Birthday to you, Dear Suzanne!

Suzanne said...

Hi Maria ~ thanks dear lady. Love you.

Kookaburra said...

G'day Calamity,

Many many Happy Returns on this your Special Day, Suzanne.

Bob what an awesome poem.
I take my hat off to you my man.

It is 9:55pm, Friday the 8th. here.

Diva said...

Awwww. You guys are making me weepy in joy.

Happy birthday, Girl! May it be the best yet!

Leah said...
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meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Bob, that was amazing. You need to look at all these comments...especially Suzanne's and realize how beautiful you are. Seriously.

I'm so lucky to have met you guys!! Now I'm gonna cry! Crap!

just bob said...

Thanks to all for your nice comments. You are a special group of people and help to keep me sane in an insane environment.

Now y'all get over to the Onion to drink, dance, and celebrate!

Gig said...

Oh, Bob, how beautiful!!
Made me cry...the perfect poem for Blottie!!!

I am so glad that you are a part of this special group of people.

Ok, on to the Birthday Blottie...Happy Birthday Suze!!!

Just got home and I am ready to party like it's 1999...I just heard Prince is stopping by to entertain at The Onion...so I am headed over there for some liquid refreshments, see ya there!!!