Time For Presents... part deux

I'm more of a practical guy than a sentimental guy. Therefore, my birthday gifts for Suze will naturally be more practical than sentimental. So, without further ado, Happy 50th!

I'll start with this LCD mirror for Black Beauty. Since Suze has a problem knowing when the police are behind her as she blows through a red light, this should help her keep track of the CHP.

If we think back over the past year, Suze had a number of "accidents" involving tree branches, wayward kitties, and a nasty gash to her forehead. So, in an effort to keep Suze in one piece, it would seem appropriate to get her a pink helmet to protect her from all harm.

Since Suze is having a wee bit of a problem sleeping, the latest in sleep technology courtesy of Sleep Number should do the trick. I guess her sleep number is now 50!

Finally, Suze doesn't like her baseboards. Suze can't figure out how to paint her baseboards. So the final gift is new baseboards. I'm thinking a white picket fence motif will look great.

Happy Birthday Blottie... hope you like the gifts.

For Suzy... part deux

It's been a whole year
since we got to say
What Suzy means to us
on her special day

We've all grown a little
and become much closer
Far flung friends
and nary a poser

Through good times and bad
we have all been there
To support each other
To genuinely care

It doesn't seem long
since that last party
The tears have been plenty
and the laughs have been hearty

And now that she reaches
a milestone in life
we remember the happiness
and forget all the strife

At this big moment
the calendar turns fifty
But she looks much younger
still fit and quite nifty

She spreads her spirit
of affection and love
amongst all her friends
with a grace of a dove

She's never been shy
of sharing her feelings
with all of us
and all of our dealings

We value her ideas
and all of her thoughts
We ask for her opinions
which cannot be bought

She brings us great joy
and makes us all smile
We revel in her presence
and lose worries for a while

From feeding the ferals
to the peace of her flowers
Suzy is in our hearts
with her soothing powers

Most of us
can't live without her
and her daily comments
throughout the world of blogger

So on her big day
her friends raise a toast
To the original Blottie
the woman with the most

You mean so much
to your close dear friend
who hopes this grand party
will never end

Suze, Suzy, Suzanne
and The Wedding Planner
just bob marks the occasion
with a special banner

In pink and purple
her favorite hues
just bob sends out
this Happy Birthday to you!


It's Friday

Well, it's Friday in this part of the world. It may be other days and other times in more exotic locations across the globe. Less than one day to Blottie's birthday... so let's skip work and bang on the drums all day.


Saturday is sneaking up quickly...

For those of us who are turning the BIG FIVE-OH and tend to forget what day it is...


Suzanne's Super Saturday Soon