A Funny Story...

So, how did this all happen?

It all started in a virtual world that we all know and love as The Wild Onion Cafe. Suzanne made some comment to Just Bob about not wanting people to find out about her birthday. Reading the comments, Random Chick made an assumption...and you all know what they say about ASS-U-ME, right? Well, after making a long jump to conclusions, Random Chick created a post about Suzanne's birthday, although it wasn't actually on THAT day in June. Her birthday was three months away, but little did anyone know that Suzanne was secretly dreading this birthday.

Who doesn't dread birthday's after one turns...say 25?

Being the insane bloggers that we are, we all decided to wish Suzanne "Happy Birthday" at every opportunity, every post, every comment. Thus, turning this stupendous event into a three month-long celebration!!!

So on the eve of this event I ask you to raise your wine glasses, beer bottles (or cans), cocktails, and cups of gasoline to Suzanne!!

The REAL par-tay shall commence in a mere few hours...


just bob said...

Happy Birthday Blottie... it is 8/8 right???

Cecile said...

I know I wrote the following in the comment section of the post below, but I was afraid no one would go back and read it, and I didn't want the rhyme to go to waste, so I have copied it here. Besides, this way, you all can't say I didn't warn you about my poem.

I'm giving fare warning, my poem is quite bad. But it might make some laugh, and nobody sad. It's about as lame as lame can get. It is probably my worst one yet. But don't you fret, no don't you worry.
I sort of wrote it in quite a hurry. So my rhyming talent hasn't quite disappeared. I think I just needed to drink a little more beer. Yes, more beer is what I needed or bracardi or rum. But I gave my last dollar to some homeless bum. So dont' be to hard on me when you read mine tommorrow, or I'll sit here all weekend wollowing in sorrow.

Cecile said...

We are posting at the same time. *Waves at Bob from across the room. Hey Hottie.*

Anonymous said...

Oh Cecile...it can't be that bad! My poems SUCK ASS! Suzanne will love it no matter what any way and we will all be drinking heavily. We love you!!!

Hi Bob!

Cecile said...

Well, Random, I emailed it to you, so you could read it and let me know.

Gig said...

Anybody out there?!! I am emailing my very bad poem right now, hope it is not to late...

Great job to everyone for this for Suze, it is great!!

I am going to go hit the send button, and send R.C. this so called poem,lol.

Happy Birthday Blottie, it is now your Birthday in Michigan!! Yippee!!

Robyn said...

Nope no poem from me...just the lovely roses I sent Suze from the flower shop...WAY IN ADVANCE of her birthday! WHY?! Because I ASSumed I had missed it...I was WAY OFF! LMAO!

OH WELL! Here is to my darling Suze! I wish you a day filled with love and loviness. Your heart is big as the pot of gold at the end of any rainbow. You are such a blessing to me dear lady! I love you and all that you stand up for and all that lovely long hair...you really need to update your photo on this blog...your hair has SO CHANGED! Wear it proud and show it! All that flowing beautiful mane of hair!
You make my heart sing everyday! You send me some of the sweetest emails and have always been my number fan! You have been there through all the crap I have been through so far through this year!

YOu are wise and fiery and I just adore your passion as you roar! You wear your heart on your sleeve and for all the world to see! You have encouraged me as I hope I have you dear friend! I thank my lucky stars every day on how blessed I am to have someone who is in my hometown who is just a treasured gem! I do treasure you Suze...Happy Birthday dear Suze my darling! Love you bunches!

P.S. I will be back tomorrow late to raise my glass so had to put this here for now! Love you dear friend!

Suzanne said...

ROBYN ~ You have me in tears. Thank you. Right back at you girlfriend. Honestly, the pleasure has been all mine. You are such a wonderful soul and meeting you has been an honor. Have we had fun, or what!!!???? To think 1Pic abandoned us, yet we all stuck together. It was the best thing that happened in my 48th year, and now we move on to my 49th. I couldn't imagine it without all of you and especially you sweetie. Thank you my darling friend for your support, kindness and belly laughs. Cheers Robyn.

BOB ~ Knock it off, wise ass!

CECE ~ You are too funny! Where the hell did I find you? Oh right. There. And honey, you never have to worry, I always go back and read the old stuff. Hi Hottie.

RC ~ I'm the sort of person who works my way up. You can tell, can't you!? I haven't looked at the big one because I'm saving it for last. You're right. I'll love any poem and can hardly wait to read them. Thanks for all of this my darling friend. You made the greatest mistake in the whole world and I love you. As you know I wasn't looking forward to this birthday, but here it is and here we are. I like it. Thank you sweetie. I love you. XO

Giggie ~ I'm laughing because I can only imagine the poem. For some reason you make me laugh very, very hard. I'm laughing just typing. You're a hoot and I love the hell out of you. Do you realize we've all know one another for almost a year and it's been such a sweet ride. The memories are amazing. I love you. ;)